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KG LLP provides a holistic, comprehensive, and 360-degree approach toward client representation with an emphasis in the sports, media, and entertainment industries. We represent individuals and companies of all sizes, ranging from independent entertainment, technology and media companies, to award-winning recording artists, songwriters, composers, producers, and music publishers in a broad range of services. We leverage our institutional knowledge and relationships to provide a wide range of services that help businesses and individuals at all levels understand and reach their goals and objectives. KG LLP’s practice includes crisis management, negotiating and drafting marketing, branding, licensing, and endorsement agreements, contract negotiations, defamation law, privacy claims, and intellectual property protection.

KG LLP’s close collaboration with Pinnacle Sports, Media, and Entertainment Management Company, the premier sports, media, and entertainment management company with an expertise in managing professionals within these industries, gives us the network, experience, and flexibility to counsel and service our clients in all facets of the entertainment field. Our goal is to provide every client with the individualized care and attention needed to protect, negotiate, and properly service their various and sundry intellectual property, sponsorship, endorsement, and general business needs, while providing crisis management support services when unforeseen personal and public relations issues arise.

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